Sun Scutum

Thermal insulation coating for glass

Sun Scutum

It will protect you without replacing the double-glazed window or sticking expensive thermal film.

Spray gun
“Sun Scutum”
Two sponges and a holder

Prevents burnout
curtains and furniture

Blocking the UV rays OF THE Sun Scutum
protects your furniture, curtains, clothes……

Reduces the cost of

Savings on air conditioning and
heating up TILL 40%

Keeps cool in summer

Blocking: 85-95% of ultraviolet (UV) rays,
85-95% of infrared (IR) rays

Keeps warm in winter

Protects you from the cold by preventing
loss through the glass

Protection without replacing the double-glazed window

99% of the population already has installed windows. And the heat penetrates throught the glass inside home in summer,
the heat is pulled out through the glass from home in winter

-Convenient packaging
-The set consists of:
-Sun Scutum coating
50 ml
– 1,2 or 3 pieces;
-Gloves – 1 piece;
-Sponge for applying -2 pieces;
-Wiper - 1 piece;
-Instructions for use and

You can apply "Sun Scutum" on
your glasses yourself having familiarized with
video lesson on the website or use our

The effect of the application
Sun Scutum coatings
comparable to transformation
single glass in
single-chamber double-glazed window, and
single-chamber double-glazed window in

71% of the heat penetrates through
the glass inside home in summer

48% of the heat is pulled out through the glass from home in winter


Set #1

Designed for
studio apartment
(glass area 2.5sq.m.)

19.000 tg


Set #2

Designed for
two-room apartment
(glass area of 5 sq.m)

28.000 tg


Set #3

Designed for
three-room apartment
(glass area 7.5sq.m.)

37.000 tg


Application service

Glass processing from
1000tg per 1 sq.m (in
depends on the complexity )

1.000 tg


Purchase a franchise

Become the first and create your own network. EARNINGS for all your life..

The idea of the product lies in the possibility of converting ordinary double-glazed windows into energy efficient ones.

Starter set from 2000 USD.

Instruments required for preparation and coating application

Very rewarding!

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Frequent questions

Here you can find answers to questions!

Download instructions for dealers

You can order delivery via a courier in Almaty or via Kazpost or other service: Kazakhstan, Russia, other countries.

Cash payment (with courier) and non-cash transfer are possible.

The most important factor before coating is: 1. Removal of dirt (greasy deposits on the edge of the glass, dirt, dust, rust, traces of adhesive stickers). WE RECOMMEND: use a cleaning agent based on "ALKALI"-(MOLE, Caustic, etc.) or the means included in the set. WEAR RUBBER GLOVES.
2. Rinse the glass with tap water and wipe with a napkin, then wait 10-15 minutes.
3. Glue the double-glazed window using paper tape.
4. Watch the video lesson of the preparation and application of the "Sun Scutum" coating.

1.Interest, willingness to invest own money;
2.State registration as an individual entrepreneur or legal entity;
3.Business experience, sv;
4. The desire for growth and development, the ability to learn, etc. We are waiting for interested parties! Contact information can be obtained on the website.

It's very easy to become a dealer.
We have created a course for our employees on product specifics and sales.
Take a course of study, get acquainted with video lessons.
Buy a package with a dealer discount.
Create comfort at home.
Start from the first small step!
The business works all year round.

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